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March 29, 2020, Zoom session #1. The VASTA Zoom group met today. There was an amazing pooling of information from some very well-informed and generous participants.  The video and audio recordings (and white board and chat box) are accessible from the CLICK THIS LINK above. We covered the following agenda:


hosted by Paul Meier

March 29, 2020, 12 pm Central Daylight Time (UTC- 6hrs)


  1. Zoom controls
    1. mute yourself when not speaking
    2. using the chat window
    3. sharing your screen (load a couple of items you might care to share)
    4. raise your hand to jump in (virtually or just wave)
  2. This session is being recorded and will be shared with this group and VASTA members. If you are uncomfortable with that, perhaps you would care to turn off your video and mute your mic and just observe.
  3. Your personal experience with Zoom in your teaching and coaching. Who wants to share?
  4. Levels of Zoom accounts and their limitations
    1. Free: sessions unlimited in length for one-to-one, but limited to 40 minutes for three or more participants (including the host)
    2. Pro, Business, Enterprise: unlimited session length for multiple participants
  5. Do your clients have to have Zoom accounts?
  6. Meetings allow all attendees to fully participate; webinars allow only the host and panelists to participate, while other attendees simply watch and listen. (Webinars are an optional add-on starting at $40 per month)
  7. Zoom tutorial video library. Extensive and very helpful!
  8. Schedule a live training session with Zoom (available after you have opened an account, even a free one)
  9. Screen-sharing. Let’s practice.
  10. Host, co-host. Anyone familiar with that?  Host can give hosting seat to another participant.  But does that stop the recording of the session?
  11. Training voice (maybe movement too) as opposed to speech (questions from Dianne Eden and Judith Shahn)
  12. Voice-to text-transcripts (available only with a Zoom Business account)
  13. Let’s practice.
  14. Auto-reminders for scheduled sessions (Judith Shahn)
  15. Recording Zoom sessions (locally or to the cloud)
  16. Sending session recordings and notes to your clients/students. Any tips? Zoom Cloud? DropBox? Google Drive?  Share your screen to show us how you do it.  Click here to see Paul’s method.  And see his client private password-protected page template.
  17. Other settings and options you use?
  18. How to coach a text in session. Share screen to show your approach.
  19. Breakout rooms, waiting rooms. Anyone familiar with how those work?  Amy?  See Zoom’s own tutorial.