International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Charts

These charts of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) are also available as an app for your iPhone or iPad – just click here, or simply search the app store for “Interactive IPA.” Or click here to purchase the charts in a CD-ROM for PC or Mac. They were designed by Eric Armstrong and voiced by Paul Meier. Vowels, consonants, ingressives, suprasegmentals, intonation, diacritics, ejectives, implosives, diphthongs, triphthongs and clicks are demonstrated. Clicking one of the charts will link you to a Flash animation. (Get Flashplayer free.) The latest version of the IPA Alphabet was published in 1993 (updated in 1996) by the International Phonetic Association. In addition to the official IPA charts, we have also provided a chart demonstrating the diphthongs and triphthongs of Standard British English and General American.

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