International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Charts

(If unavailable here, please go to Professor Armstrong’s site, where you will find them duplicated.)

The following interactive charts of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) were designed by Eric Armstrong of York University, Toronto, Canada; and voiced by Paul Meier, of the University of Kansas, in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. They are provided as an aid to students of dialects and phonetics. If you are studying dialects with Paul Meier Dialect Services books or booklets, and want to hear one of the “signature sounds” in isolation, or in comparison with other sounds, you may do so using the charts here. Vowels, consonants, ingressives, suprasegmentals, intonation, diacritics, ejectives, implosives, diphthongs, and clicks are demonstrated. Clicking one of the charts will link you to a Flash animation. (Get Flashplayer free.) Some of the files are quite large and may take some time to load with a dial-up connection, while others are smaller and will load more quickly. If you would prefer to own a CD-ROM of these interactive charts, you may purchase one here. Cost: CD-ROM $24.95(US). Click here to purchase and find more information.

The latest version of the IPA Alphabet was published in 1993 (updated in 1996) by the International Phonetic Association.

In addition to the official IPA charts, we have also provided a chart demonstrating the diphthongs and triphthongs of Received Pronunciation (Standard British English) and General American (GenAm).

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