Interview Coaching

Business interviewOften going hand in hand with Paul’s Accent Modification (Reduction) and Public Speaking training is his Interview Coaching. As the old saying goes, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” A good coach can make a world of difference to your performance in a job interview, and Paul is an expert.

In your session, you will simulate your forthcoming interview, with Paul playing the interviewer(s) you will encounter. He will help you research those often-scary people you will have to face on your big day, while helping you formulate a winning strategy. He will also put your responses under scrutiny for strengths and weaknesses, always seeking the content and delivery that scores you the highest points.

Through this rehearsal technique, he will help you take the nervousness out of the ordeal. And we all know what an ordeal it can be. Interviews for job seekers are as intimidating as auditions are for actors!

Here are just a few of the things Paul will monitor and coach in your Zoom or Skype session with him:

  • Appropriate use of your eyes, the “windows to the soul.” Are you being open or evasive, inviting or defensive? Do you make appropriate eye contact? Do you blink too much and look away too often, undermining your credibility?
  • Posture. Do you seem relaxed and confident, or does your posture betray unease and weakness? Are you fidgeting? Paul will teach you the art of what he calls dynamic stillness.
  • Voice. Are you “on your voice,” conveying confidence and enthusiasm, or are you vocally weak?
  • Vocal dynamics. We all know that some people can read from the phone book and make it interesting. Conversely, some people can have the most fascinating answers to questions yet manage to make them boring. Paul will make sure that, regardless of the content of your answers, they carry “heat” and draw the listener in.
  • Content. Paul will help you frame your answers, making sure you are concrete and specific, and that you avoid generalities, vagueness, and abstraction.

These are just of the few secrets to a great interview and the good job offer that Paul can help you unlock. Even confident, seasoned interviewees know that a great coach can help them double their “score” on the day.

Book a Skype or Zoom session with Paul today. Or contact Paul directly to discuss the type of coaching that is best for you.