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Assistant Professor of Theatre Lisa Bohn's class at Arkansas State University poses with their books.
Assistant Professor of Theatre Lisa Bohn’s students at Arkansas State University pose with their books. Seated, from left, are Tyler Gillespie, Brooke Thomas, Luis Chavez, Clint Stevens and Jaelyn Epps. Standing are Mike Reagan, Matthew Stewart, Betsy Hegger, Morgan Carvell and Josh Donner.


Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen is used in schools around the world as the leading textbook in stage dialect instruction for actors.

Because the new Deluxe Streaming Edition printed book is superior to our past products (three new dialects, and sound files delivered as streaming audio rather than on CD) and is less expensive, this is now the recommended product.

To preview the book visually (as a PDF), click here. For audio previews of the various dialects, we suggest going to our All Products page and browsing the various dialects and accents you will find in the book. Or you could preview the audio on the iTunes ebook (Apple Book) version at this link. (The iTunes ebook now has exactly the same content as the Deluxe Streaming Edition of the printed book.)

The book is priced at $74.95 for individual copies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended shipment to campus bookstores and are declining orders received from them. Current recommended ordering methods are as follows:

  • Students may order single copies directly from us at this link (option #1), or from Amazon at this link.
  • For orders of five or more copies purchased from this website, we will ship from your institutional purchase order, for a 15% discount.
  • If ordered directly from us by the instructor (or his or her student proxy) and pre-paid, the same discount is offered on orders of five or more copies. We will send you an e-invoice after hearing from you.
  • Discounts on five or more copies (maximum of 30) are also available when ordering on Amazon at this link. An Amazon business account is required for that bulk discount. If you do not have an Amazon business account, we suggest writing to us in advance, letting us know you are planning to buy five or more copies through Amazon. We will be happy to give you the 15% discount retroactively, by refunding a portion of your payment. Also, you get free shipping if ordering via Amazon Prime. But if you’re not in the United States, we strongly suggest checking your own country’s Amazon, such as,, or This will result in a quicker delivery and smaller shipping costs.

A free instructor’s copy is included, whichever ordering method you choose. Multiple-copy orders will arrive as a single shipment to your specified shipping address.

Because the iTunes ebook (Apple Book) is sold directly by Apple through iTunes, we are unable to offer academic discounts.



Another product, our Voicing Shakespeare ebook, is also a very popular textbook for Shakespeare performance classes. Priced at $29.95, we offer the same discount of 15% on orders of five or more.

The interactive charts of the International Phonetic Association, graphics by Professor Eric Armstrong of the University of York in Toronto with Paul voicing the sounds, are also a powerful additional resource. View the IPA demo page on your computer or mobile device for free, or purchase the interactive demonstration as an iOS or Android app. (Search your app store for “Interactive IPA.”)

The International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA) is an indispensable companion resource to Paul’s accent and dialect publications.



Paul is happy to teach your students via Zoom. Email Paul for a quote on your exact needs. Tell him the topic you would like him to teach, the number of students, the number of sessions, the length of the sessions, and preferred dates and times (with your time zone).

He will address almost anything related to the spoken word. Possible topics:

  • The art of audiobook narration
  • Your first commercial voice-over demo reel
  • Dialects of the British Isles
  • Foreign-language accents
  • Performing Shakespeare
  • Introduction to the IPA
  • Diction for actors
  • Effective oral communication

Fees: Paul will quote each project individually, but you may anticipate between $25 and $50 per participant, per 60-minute session.