Accent Services for Call Centers

17335857_sNeed accent services for call centers? Paul has a special relationship with the call-center industry, providing training materials in both British and American English pronunciation, and dialect recognition and comprehension training. Whether the call center is in India, Pakistan, the Philippines, China, Britain, the United States, or elsewhere, operators must speak a global style of English to put their international clients in the “linguistic comfort zone.” They must also recognize and comprehend the range of English dialects and accents they encounter. Paul’s materials are among the first to target the native language of the operator, providing both accent reduction and dialect recognition.

He and his associates also provide evaluation services and further training, for individuals and small groups, by phone, Zoom, and through in-person workshops.

His flagship products are his General American dialect and Standard British English dialect, depending upon which sound of English you prefer.  These training courses are perfect not only for those working in international call centers in India, China, and elsewhere, but also for those wanting to “reduce their accent” and take on a sound more often associated with native speakers of English living in the United States or Great Britain. It costs a fraction of more expensive programs; and a generous, progressive discount plan means that the more access codes your company purchases, the cheaper the unit price — as little as $8.50 (US).

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