Accent Modification (Reduction)

If a regional dialect holds you back, or if English is your second language, you might desire accent modification, often called accent reduction. Paul is a recognized authority on the two leading pronunciation systems (accents) for English — Standard British English (Received Pronunciation or RP) and General American English (GenAm).

He directed and voiced the Rosetta Stone language-acquisition software for both British English and American English. And Pronunciation with Paul, his video lessons on Pearson English One, are extremely popular. This is a service of Pearson, a leading online education system for those learning English.

The two major products Paul offers to assist with accent reduction are:

The General American dialect, if you want a more American sound to your accent, and

The Standard British English dialect, if you prefer a more British sound.

These are available in both ebook and hard-copy form (with CD). Click the links above for details of each product and to order. Cost: $29.95.

But your accent-reduction training should not stop there! Paul offers a range of Skype, Zoom, and phone coaching to assist you in your training.

For more insight into accent reduction, listen to Paul discuss his work with an Indian client and an Arabic-speaking client.


Call-Center Industry

Are you with the call-center industry and need accent training and dialect recognition? Paul’s General American ebook and/or hard booklet is the perfect tool. Of if you prefer a more British sound, his Standard British English ebook and/or hard booklet is the industry standard! Cost: $29.95.