Accent Modification (Reduction)

Accent Reduction and Accent ReductionIf a regional dialect holds you back, or if English is your second language, you might desire accent modification, often called accent reduction. Paul is a recognized authority on the two leading pronunciation systems (accents) for English — Standard British English (Received Pronunciation or RP) and General American English (GenAm).

He directed and voiced the Rosetta Stone language-acquisition software for both British English and American English. And a sample of his audio and video lessons, created for Learnship, GlobalEnglish, and Pearson are available here.

The two major products Paul offers to assist with accent reduction are:

The General American dialect, if you want a more American sound to your accent, and

The Standard British English dialect, if you prefer a more British sound.

These are available in both ebook and hard-copy form (with CD). Click the links above for details of each product and to order. Cost: $29.95.

But your accent-reduction training should not stop there! Paul offers Zoom coaching too.

For more insight into accent reduction, listen to Paul discuss his work with an Indian client and an Arabic-speaking client.


Call-Center Industry

Are you with the call-center industry and need accent training and dialect recognition? Paul’s General American ebook and/or hard booklet is the perfect tool. Of if you prefer a more British sound, his Standard British English ebook and/or hard booklet is the industry standard! Cost: $29.95.