Episode 23 (Coaching BBC Presenters)

Elspeth Morrison

For the final podcast of 2019, Paul’s guest is UK-based Elspeth Morrison, who, as well as helping actors learn accents and dialects, works on voice and delivery with the entire spectrum of on-air talent at the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and elsewhere. Paul and Elspeth discuss all things related to broadcast journalism, speech training for on-air presenters, and accents and dialects in the context of British television news.

Elspeth is a former BBC producer who escaped the corporation over 20 years ago to gain an MA in Voice Studies at Central School of Speech and Drama in London. As well as being a lead voice coach there, she has also worked for broadcasters such as CNN, Al Jazeera, and the Weather Network.

For more information on Elspeth, visit https://www.vasta.org/professional-index/profile/elspeth-morrison.