Episode 30 (Introducing Estuary)

For the July 2020 edition of In a Manner of Speaking, Paul introduces his new Estuary dialect product. Estuary, named for the River Thames, is the modern sound of southern England. Crossing ethnic and racial lines, it is spoken in the area that expanded out from London to alter the character of the dialects and accents of the seven “home counties” bordering London, and far beyond. See our Estuary page for more information.

Currently Paul’s Estuary manual is available only by ordering the new Deluxe Streaming Edition of Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen. (This is a new print edition of his book, but for the first time the sound files are delivered through streaming audio, not on CD.)

The movie clips played on this month’s podcast are used under the copyright doctrine of Fair Use. Notting Hill was directed by Roger Michell and is copyright Polygram Filmed Entertainment; Happy-Go-Lucky was directed by Mike Leigh and is copyright Film4 Productions; Lenny Henry at The Apollo is copyright Apollo Theatre Productions; Howards End was directed by James Ivory and is copyright Merchant Ivory Productions; and Ghost Town was directed by David Koepp and is copyright Dreamworks.

(Bach’s Cello Suite #1 in G Major BMV 1007 Prelude (by Ivan Dolgunov) courtesy of Jamendo Licensing.)