Dialects of the British Isles and Ireland


Learn 9 dialects of the United Kingdom and Ireland from renowned accent coach Paul Meier (or 11 if you buy the ebook). This is Paul’s #2 product (after his larger Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen) and the best bargain if you want two or more British or Irish dialects. This 147-page book contain 9 dialects. Save 60% of the cost of individual dialect products but get the same material! The book includes 5 CDs. (For discounts on multiple copies,  e-mail Paul.)

We also offer this as an iTunes ebook (Apple Book), featuring two additional dialects: Birmingham and Estuary. Click here.

This is Paul’s second-best-selling product and the book that sets the standard for dialects of the United Kingdom and Ireland.


1. If you choose to purchase the book (which includes 5 CDs) from the drop-down menu above, you get 9 accents and dialects in one book; save 70% of the cost of individual booklet purchases, yet get exactly the same material! Dialects covered are: Standard British English (Received Pronunciation), Cockney, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scottish, Welsh, Hampshire, Yorkshire and Liverpool. All practice sentences and monologues are in IPA notation, as well as in Paul’s successful “number-keying” system. (ISBN 978-1-938029-06-6).

On the 5 accompanying CDs (four containing two dialects, and one containing just one dialect), Paul speaks the entire text of all 9 chapters.  So you hear him demonstrate, in dialect, the signature sounds in isolation, the word lists, the practice sentences, and the two monologues.  For each dialect, there are eight CD tracks corresponding to the eight chapter sections, making it easy to select the track of your choice. Total running time of the four longer CDs is about 60 minutes, while the one shorter runs about 30 minutes.

Please note that this product does not contain Paul’s newest British dialects: Birmingham and Estuary. To get those (plus all the other British and Irish dialects, we strongly suggest purchasing the new Deluxe Streaming Edition of Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen. or buying the iTunes ebook (Apple Book) version of Dialects of the British Isles.

Price: $49.95(US) for the 147-page perfect-bound book with 5 CDs (in sturdy, plastic CD container sheets bound into the book). Once you reach the check-out screen, you will be able to pay by credit or debit card on a secure, Pay Pal-supported site. (You do NOT need a PayPal account.) For questions about payment methods, please see Payment Options.

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2. We also offer the book in iTunes ebook (Apple Book) form. You can purchase it directly from iTunes (Apple Books) here or simply search your iTunes store or Apple Books store for Dialects of the British Isles. You get exactly the same content as the print book (with the sound files embedded in the ebook instead of on CDs) PLUS Paul’s two newest dialects: Birmingham and Estuary, for a total of 11 dialects. And you save on shipping costs and time! PLEASE NOTE: This ebook is compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but NOT with Windows computers.(At the present time, we have no plans to offer this as a Windows ebook, but please keep in mind that the iTunes version is compatible with a Mac. Also, we hope to soon offer versions compatible with other devices, such as Android.)

Audio Preview: Dialects: Birmingham, Cockney, Estuary, Hampshire, Irish, Liverpool, Northern Ireland, Scottish, Standard British (RP), Welsh, Yorkshire. Note: Birmingham and Estuary are available only in the ebook (option #2 above) and Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen Deluxe Streaming Edition, NOT in the print edition of Dialects of the British Isles (option #1 above).


A better bargain is Paul’s new Deluxe Streaming Edition of Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen, offered here for $79.95. It contains ALL of the same information found in this book, plus 18 more dialects and accents, including two new British dialects that the print version of this book does not offer: Birmingham and Estuary. (The sound files for that Deluxe Streaming Edition are available by streaming instead of on CDs.)