Dialects of the United States


Learn 6 dialects of the United States from renowned accent coach Paul Meier. This is the best bargain if you want two or more American dialects in Windows/Mac ebook format. Save 60% of the cost of individual dialect ebooks but get the same material! (For discounts on multiple copies,  e-mail Paul. This product is NOT currently available in print.) Learn to speak like the average American while also getting a sample of the rich diversity of regional American dialects.

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Audio Preview: Dialects: American Southern (Mid-South), Deep South, Downeast New England, General American, New York, South Boston (Southie).


This ebook package gives you 6 of Paul’s most popular American dialects: General American, American Southern (Kentucky/Tennessee), Deep South (Alabama/Mississippi), New York, South Boston (Southie) and Downeast New England. You get 6 dialects in one ebook package for the cost of 2. This means you save 60% of the cost of individual booklet purchases yet get exactly the same material! All practice sentences and monologues are in English, with accompanying IPA notation, as well as in Paul’s successful “number-keying” system, but it is not necessary to know phonetics to appreciate this product. This is not intended to be an exhaustive study of the many dialects and accents found within the United States, but just a sample of some of the most common and most used in theatre, film, radio, and voiceover.


1. If you purchase the ebook from the drop-down menu above, you get the Windows version, which is also compatible with Mac computers, but NOT mobile devices. (This product is not available in print, so if you would prefer these dialects in print booklet/CD format, you must purchase them individually from this page. However, the best bargain is still Paul’s Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen, which gives you ALL the dialects in this ebook package plus 18 more.)

In all Paul’s products, he speaks the entire text.  So you hear him demonstrate, in dialect, the signature sounds in isolation, the word lists, the practice sentences, and the two monologues.  For each dialect, there are eight audio tracks corresponding to the eight chapter sections, making it easy to select the track of your choice.

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2. We also offer the ebook in iTunes (Apple Books) format. You can purchase it directly from iTunes (Apple Books) here or simply search your iTunes store or Apple Books store for Dialects of the United States. You get exactly the same content as the Windows ebook (with the sound files embedded in the ebook). PLEASE NOTE: This ebook is compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but NOT with Windows computers.

Again, please note: Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen, offered on this site for $79.95 (for the deluxe, streaming edition) and also available in iTunes ebook (Apple Book) format, contains ALL of the same information found in this ebook, plus 21 more dialects and accents.