The “L” and “R” Railroad Blues

Runtime: 2:05


Without going into the complex reasons for it, I know that some of my Asian clients have difficulty discriminating between the English letters “l” and “r.” Often, to English speakers’ ears, they seem to simply substitute one sound for the other.

I promised in an earlier blog to try to provide some help.

The following very difficult exercises use the two sounds in various contexts, providing excellent practice. I’ll speak the sentences, leaving pauses for you to repeat. Or use the controls at the top of this page.

The horror film was really terrible; full of creepy crawlies!

Carol Lee already threatened her lousy lawyer with horrible results.

Slim’s old flame, Valerie, rarely replied to Laura.

Rattle your little trap more clearly, Sally.

Larry Lawson met Laura Rollright under the lamplight.

Sally Rawlins plainly loathed the Pleasure Garden’s evil roller coaster.

Presidential hopeful Harry Laurel leveraged his political capital at the rally.

If you can do these right, you can do anything!

Good luck!