A Christmas Carol

First Edition (1849) illustrations by John Leech

Regardless of which version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol your theatre is staging, Paul can help! His unique and comprehensive dialect study includes a reading of Dickens’ entire novella (divided into five sound files, one for each stave), plus in-depth dialect analysis of the 25 major characters. (The complete reading is audiobook style, with full characterization, while the character recordings are a little slower and flatter, focusing on dialect.)

For $349, you and your entire cast have access to 30 streaming-audio files and the accompanying text (as PDF files), for the duration of your rehearsals and performances. (The recordings include the aforementioned complete reading of the original 1849 text, plus one recording for each of the 25 major characters. Each of those character recordings include all the lines spoken by that character plus Paul’s audio analysis of the dialect, intonation, rhythm, stress, etc.) To get things started or simply find out more, e-mail Paul. He’ll also be glad to discuss options that might better fit your budget, in addition to one-on-one Skype coaching that can focus not just on the original Dickens text but the specific lines in YOUR version of the play.

Listen to an excerpt from Paul’s full reading of the novella:

Listen to an excerpt from Paul’s dialect analysis of Bob Cratchit:

We realize there are hundreds of versions of Dickens’ holiday classic. Some of the best-known adaptations include those by David Edgar, John Mortimer, Romulus Linney, Ed Monk, and Gary Peterson. Or perhaps your local theatre is performing an original version. But because Paul’s dialect studies are exhaustive and offer insight into not just specific lines but the characters themselves, your production will surely benefit from Paul’s insight. And thanks to his full reading of the novella — narration AND character speeches — your needs will be served regardless of how the narration is distributed among the actors.

Giving you online access to the sound files and PDFs you need takes just minutes. We will create a private, password-protected webpage for you and your cast, containing your recordings in streaming-audio format, playable on any internet-connected device. Click here to see what your page will look like. (If you don’t have access to a computer or the internet, Paul can lease the recordings to you on CDs, with a refundable deposit.)

Even better, when you lease the entire package, Paul will include access to his Cockney and Standard British (Received Pronunciation) ebooks for free, for each actor. That amounts to roughly a $600 value. And although your access to the materials will expire when your production is complete, Paul will provide a 50% discount (just $175) if you choose to lease the materials the following year.

A Christmas Carol is just one of the dozens of productions for which Paul has designed a unique dialect/accent study. Click here to learn more.