Episode 18 (Speaking and Singing)

Gillyanne Kayes
Jeremy Fisher

Paul’s guests for July 2019 are Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher of “Vocal Process,” internationally renowned voice experts specializing in vocal technique and performance in many different genres. A husband-and-wife team, they combine a deep understanding of the voice that comes from science knowledge, performance practice, and decades of experience. The three discuss speaking and singing.

Gillyanne is a voice researcher, pedagogue, and coach, working with numerous artists in theatre, cabaret, and in the recording studio, while Jeremy is a national prizewinning pianist, performance coach and vocal educator. For their full bios, visit https://vocalprocess.co.uk/gillyanne-kayes-jeremy-fisher/.

Gillyanne and Jeremy’s recent work includes: This Is A Voice: the book commissioned by the Wellcome Trust on speaking and singing exercises (and beatboxing); The One Minute Voice Warmup app for Android and Apple; the Amazon #1 bestselling ebook How To Sing Legato; and Taking Vocal Technique Into Song, an hour-long, streaming webinar.

The fair-use sound clips you heard in this podcast were: Sweeney Todd, written by Stephen Sondheim and John Logan, directed by Tim Burton, copyright DreamWorks / Parkes+MacDonald Image Nation / The Zanuck Company; and Speaking in Tongues 3, by Sheila Chandra, copyright Sheila Chandra and Real World Records. The Kathy Jensen laughing transcription can be found at YouTube.