Episode 19 (DARE)

Joan Hall

The August 2019 podcast is all about The Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE). Paul’s guest is DARE’s editor, Joan Hall.

Having lived in Ohio, California, Idaho, Georgia, Oregon, Maine, and Wisconsin, Joan Houston Hall is uniquely suited to her job as editor of DARE. Joan has a Ph.D in English from Emory University, and she joined the staff of DARE in 1975.  She became associate editor in 1979 and was named chief editor in 2000 following the death of Frederic Cassidy.

Joan has been president of the American Dialect Society and the Dictionary Society of North America, and she has served on advisory boards for Oxford University Press, National Public Radio’s A Way with Words, the National Museum of Language, and the journals American Speech, the Journal of English Linguistics, and Verbatim.

For more information on the origin of the word “chippie,” which Joan discusses in the podcast, click here. And for an article about dialect coaches who use DARE’s recordings, go here.