Formal Examination


If you scored 80% or better on your self-assessment, you may be ready to skip step 3 (the “screening test”) and order this formal examination, which is adminstered in real time, online, by Paul Meier. If you need more coaching, consider ordering the screening test BEFORE ordering this exam. After successful completion of this formal examination, you will receive your certification, which is a great boost to any actor’s resume. See below for more details.


The exam will be administered in real time in a recorded video Skype session with Paul. You will be given an unfamiliar text (about 100 words long) and asked to notate it with the required signature sounds and additional features using Paul’s numbering system (again, IPA transcription not required), and to speak it in the target dialect. While the exam is “open book,” allowing you to use resources from the book you’ve been studying, you will still need to carefully study Paul’s numbering system for each dialect in order to accurately notate the text and speak it aloud within the one hour allowed (most examinees find that more than adequate; an additional hour is allowed for each additional dialect).  To take the exam, you will need to subscribe to Skype, and have a broadband internet connection and a webcam. To pass the exam and earn your Certificate of Proficiency, you must score 80% or better in both the written and oral parts of the exam.

Formal examination, $95 for a single dialect; $45 for each additional dialect in the same exam. Tell us which dialect(s) you have chosen in the “notes to seller” space during check-out. We will e-mail you to arrange an exam appointment, and the exam materials will be e-mailed to you at the beginning of the examination itself.