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Welcome to our new (and improving) site

Welcome to the (slightly) new As you can see, we’ve made some visual and functional changes to improve the site. We’ve also moved to a much better (and faster) server. Most of the visual changes were made to simply keep up to date with modern website themes and guarantee the functionality of our site moving into the future. The structure and navigation is virtually identical to the previous site, but you will now notice that the Shakespeare and OP page is located under the “Coaching” tab on the menu bar.

Speaking of the menu bar, we’re still improving that for mobile devices. We’re confident that when we’re finished in the coming days, the site will look much better than it did on your phone and tablet.

Thanks to our webmaster, Dylan Paul, who designed both this site and the previous version.

Perhaps the best news is that our free IPA charts (our most popular feature) can now be seen and used in all browsers. Because they incorporate Flash, they had previously been unviewable in certain browsers, such as Firefox.

Thanks for your patience as we make some final corrections and tweaks in the coming days. And if you’re one of Paul’s clients, you can rest assured that your private, password-protected page will always be secure and user-friendly. If you encounter any missing files or outdated pages over the next couple of days, we’d ask that you bear with us as we make the final adjustments. But, of course, feel free to e-mail us at if you have questions or concerns.