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Sale on ‘ADSS’ continues for another week

During the COVID-19 pandemic, with most of us sheltering in place, it’s essential that we find new ways to learn at home. With that in mind, we’re continuing our sale on Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen through the end of this month, on both the printed book with CDs and the iTunes ebook (Apple Book). The sale price is $64.95 instead of the normal $99.95. (The ebook has the same content as the printed book, plus an additional dialect: Jamaican.) The sale will end April 30.

Though we often recommend purchasing ADSS through Amazon, at this time, because of the slight delay in Amazon shipping, we recommend purchasing the printed book directly from us at the link above (or the ebook directly from iTunes). By doing that, you get the sale price, and we ship within one day of receiving your order.

Best wishes to you all. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Sale on ‘ADSS’ continues for another week

  1. Paul,
    Just learned of your sale on Accents for Stage and Screen. Wonder if I could talk you into continuing it through May?
    Thanks – Brad Grindrod

  2. Sorry, Brad. We can’t extend the sale at this point. If the current price is too high, we offer a variety of other products for less. Go to the “Shop for Accents” tab on the menu bar and click “All Accents and Dialects.” Our individual-accent products sell for $24.95. And “Dialects of the British Isles” sells for $49.95. We are also currently working on a new version of ADSS that would deliver the sound files in a different way (not CD). That new version will likely be less expensive than the current one. Unfortunately, we have no time table for this yet.

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