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Congrats to Julia Whelan!

Julia Whelan

Congratulations to Julia Whelan! She recently won a Voice Arts Award, from the Society of Voice Arts. Julia won in the category of Audiobook Narration: Author Performance, Best Voiceover, for My Oxford Year.

Julia was a guest on the March episode of Paul’s In a Manner of Speaking podcast. Listen to that podcast episode here. And check out Julia’s book here.

In accepting the award, Julia said, “Thanks to the brilliant Paul Meier for saving me when I went to him and said, ‘I’ve written myself into a corner with this book. I’ve got 15 characters in need of regional British accents, and I can do, maybe, three.’ And he sorted me out.”

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Learn about idiolects in latest podcast

Amy Stoller

Dialect coaches spend a huge amount of their time cataloguing dialects and accents by geographic area. So how do idiolects fit into our understanding of an individual’s speech patterns? Find out in the December edition of Paul’s In a Manner of Speaking podcast. This month Paul interviews Amy Stoller. In addition to being a renowned dialect coach and designer, Amy is an IDEA associate editor and creator of the Stoller System. See her website to appreciate the full range of her work.

To hear this month’s podcast, click here, or visit the podcast on iTunes by searching for “Paul Meier’s In a Manner of Speaking.” An RSS feed is also available.

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Holiday sale now underway!

Our annual holiday sale of Paul’s Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen began during the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend and will continue through January 1. During that time, the print version (with CDs) of ADSS will be available at 25% off. That’s just $74.95 instead of the usual $99.95. Click here to order.

The iTunes ebook version is also 25% off! To purchase that, search iTunes’ ebooks/iBooks store for “Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen” or go here. The ebook compilation gives you the same material that’s found in the print book (with CDs), PLUS an extra dialect: Jamaican. The book is compatible with Apple mobile devices and your Mac computer, but not your Windows computer. If you need an accent or dialect ebook for use with your Windows computer, you will need to order an individual Windows ebook (one accent or dialect) from this page for $24.95.

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‘ADSS’ holiday sale coming soon

Starting the day after Thanksgiving (November 23) and running through January 1, we’ll be offering Paul’s Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen at 25% off. That’s just $74.95 instead of the usual $99.95. You can purchase the printed book (with CDs) here. The iTunes ebook version will also be discounted by 25 percent, but to purchase that, you will need to visit iTunes.

If you prefer to purchase the book on Amazon, go here. Although we are unable to offer the holiday discount on Amazon, keep in mind that Amazon has announced it will offer free shipping in certain markets, which could save you up to $13 in shipping costs. And if you’re in Europe, purchasing the book on might be your cheapest option. So regardless of your purchase method, Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen is going to be a great bargain for you during this holiday season!

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October podcast now online

Check out October’s “In a Manner of Speaking” podcast. Paul’s guest this month is Jim Johnson, who is an IDEA associate editor, a professor and director of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Houston School of Theatre & Dance, and founder of AccentHelp. Paul and Jim talk about dialects and accents, dialect-sample gathering, dialects on stage and in film, and accents and dialects in life.

Jim Johnson

You can listen to the October podcast and all the previous podcasts here. They are also available on iTunes. And you can subscribe by RSS feed on this website.

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One day remains on ADSS iTunes discount

Just one day remains for the special sale on the iTunes ebook version of Paul’s Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen. The $59.99 price will revert to its usual $99.99 tomorrow (September 5). The iTunes ebook features all 24 accents and dialects contained in the print book plus all the sound files found on the CDs. And the ebook version contains an additional dialect: Jamaican. Although we intend to offer sales on this and other products in the future, this is the LAST time we will be able to offer ADSS at this low price. Click here or simply search your iTunes iBooks store for Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen.

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For our customers in Europe

If you’re in Europe (and especially England), we have good news for you. As you probably know, many non-European businesses were booted off earlier this year by mistake because of new European tax legislation. But the issues have been resolved, and we are now again able to sell on! Ordering through that site is by far the cheapest option if you want to purchase the four print/CD products that we sell there: Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen, Dialects of the British Isles and Ireland, The Standard British English Dialect, and The General American Dialect. Though you can purchase those items from this site directly and also through, buying them on will save you lots of money and time in shipping. Thanks again for your patience while we resolved this issue.

Please keep in mind that these products are also available as both Windows/Mac ebooks and iTunes ebooks. And, of course, if you order them in that format, you get them immediately and without having to pay shipping. For all the products we offer, see our main product page.



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September podcast now online

Paul’s latest In a Manner of Speaking podcast is now online on the main podcast page. September’s edition is all about phonetics and the weird way words are spelled in the English language. If you haven’t yet subscribed to the podcast, via RSS feed, you can do so by clicking “subscribe” in the widget on the right. The podcast is also available on iTunes.

This podcast also features a PDF transcript. We highly recommend downloading that, so you can follow the phonetics. It is available here.

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‘ADSS’ iTunes ebook on sale

To benefit college students starting their fall semester, we’re running a special sale on the iTunes ebook version of Paul’s Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen, which features all 24 accents and dialects contained in the print book plus all the sound files found on the CDs. And the ebook version contains an additional dialect: Jamaican. It’s 40 percent off, which brings the price from $99.99 down to $59.99. Although we intend to offer sales on this and other products in the future, this is the LAST time we will be able to offer ADSS at this low price. The sale runs through September 5. Click here or simply search your iTunes iBooks store for Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen.

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July podcast: Happy birthday, IDEA!

The July edition of Paul’s “In a Manner of Speaking” podcast has just been released, and it’s all about IDEA! Specifically, the podcast celebrates the 20th anniversary of the International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA), which Paul founded back in the summer of 1998. Check it out on the main podcast page, or on the individual episode page. And don’t forget to subscribe. (If you previously subscribed to the RSS feed, please be advised that we upgraded the feed. So we strongly suggest deleting your old feed and subscribing to the new one to avoid broken links. You can also now link the podcast to your iTunes.)

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June podcast features David Crystal

Paul’s new In a Manner of Speaking podcast for the month of June has just been posted. This month Paul welcomes David Crystal, one of the world’s most famous linguists and the leader of the modern movement we call OP: Original Pronunciation of Shakespeare’s works. David explains the fascinating linguistic subfield called Pragmatics. Click here to listen to it on the main podcast page. An RSS feed is also available.

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Staging “A Christmas Carol”? Paul can help.

Regardless of which version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol your theatre is staging, Paul can help! His unique and comprehensive dialect study includes a reading of Dickens’ entire novella (divided into five sound files, one for each stave), plus in-depth dialect analysis of all 36 speaking characters. For $349, your entire cast have access to more than 40 streaming-audio files for the duration of your rehearsals and performances. Click here for details and to listen to free examples of Paul’s recordings.

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NY’s Drama Book Shop turning 100

New York City’s famous Drama Book Shop is turning 100 years old next month. If you’re in New York on October 2, check out their open-house centennial celebration. It will run from 2 to 10 p.m. and will include special guests, performances, and refreshments.

The store is located at 250 West 40th Street, #1, and has been offering theatre and film scripts and other performance-related titles since 1917. Drama Book Shop has carried Paul Meier Dialect Services products for years. (We’re very grateful!) 

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Sale July 3-7: American dialects half-off

To celebrate Independence Day, Paul is offering his six American dialects at HALF PRICE from July 3 through July 7. The Windows/Mac ebooks and print book/CD versions of General American, South Boston, New York, American Southern, Deep South, and Downeast New England are all just $12.45 instead of the usual $24.95.  (Postage still applies for the print book/CD versions.) And Paul’s ebook package, Dialects of the United States, is selling for $24.95 instead of its usual $49.95. (That is available as an ebook only, not in print/CD.)

Please note that this sale is for items on only, NOT on the iPhone/iPad/iPodtouch versions sold on iTunes. Also please note that the ebook versions sold on this site are compatible with Windows and Mac systems but NOT with Apple mobile devices.

Go to All Accents & Dialects and browse the products, taking note of the green “sale” sticker.

Happy Fourth of July!

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Listen to Paul’s new BBC interview

Please listen to my recent interview on accents and dialects with the BBC World Service at this link. My short segment begins at 17:37 , but there are several other interesting pieces in the show on accents from Scotland, Texas, India, and New Zealand. I was particularly pleased that they focused on the International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA), which I founded 20 years ago, and chose to test the interviewer’s skill in accent detection by playing a recording from an old friend of mine from The Rose Bruford drama school in London, where we both trained.  See if you can identify his accent as you listen.

— Paul

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Free video previews now online

If you’d thought about purchasing one of Paul’s dialect/accent products but wanted to browse the product before buying to make sure it was right for you, you’re now in luck! We’ve just added free video previews to individual product pages. To see one for Scottish, for example, click here.

Most of the products now have their own video, and we’ll be working over the next few days to add videos for all the rest. The videos walk you through the Windows/Mac ebook versions, but they are useful even if you’re thinking of buying the print book (with CD) or the iTunes version, as the material is essentially the same regardless of format.

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Two new iTunes ebooks for sale

dialects-of-the-british-isles-screenshot-1Paul is happy to announce two new iTunes ebooks. Dialects of the British Isles and Ireland, which was previously available only as a print book with CDs, is now for sale on iTunes for $49.99. That’s the same price as the print book, but without the shipping cost and wait. It contains nine dialects of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The second ebook, Dialects of the United States, was previously available only as a Windows/Mac ebook. It’s now also for sale on iTunes for $49.99. It contains six American dialects.

dialects-of-the-united-states-screenshot-1The ebooks are compatible with Mac computers and also Apple mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. They open in iBooks. For a full description of the products (and to access the iTunes links), click the links above. Or simply search your iTunes library for the titles. And keep in mind iTunes offers free downloadable previews of both ebooks. (Also remember that Paul is offering his Hampshire iTunes ebook for FREE for the rest of February.)


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Returning the favor to Jamaica

jamaican-dialect-booklet-donationElizabeth Montoya-Stemann was a constant source of help when I was writing and recording my Jamaican Dialect last year. One of her students, Lemar Archer, contributed recordings of both The Lord’s Prayer and a speech from Julius Caesar in Jamaican Patwa. Elizabeth is IDEA’s Associate Editor for Jamaica, contributing many of the samples I cite in the book. She’s pictured here holding a copy of the book, which I recently donated to the library at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica, where Elizabeth is a lecturer. Many thanks, Elizabeth! (Click here for more information about the book/ebook.)

— Paul

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Free iTunes ebook!

HampshireWe’re happy to announce that Paul’s Hampshire Dialect iTunes ebook is FREE for the entire month of February. We strongly suggest downloading this ebook and keeping it in your iTunes library even if you don’t intend to master the Hampshire dialect, as the ebook provides great insight into all of Paul’s dialect and accent material. And because Paul grew up in Hampshire, in southern England, this dialect is particularly meaningful to him. (You might notice that in addition to possessing a colorful, charming, rural sound, the Hampshire dialect is the inspiration for the modern, movie “pirate” dialect, which arguably was introduced by British actor Robert Newton in Walt Disney’s Treasure Island, in 1950.) Click here to download, or just search for “The Hampshire Dialect” in your iTunes store. This ebook is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and also Mac computers, but not Windows computers. (Click here for the Windows version, which is available for its regular price of $24.95.)

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Holiday special on “ADSS”

We have some exciting news that we’ve been waiting a long time to announce: We’re finally able to offer Paul’s signature product, Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen, in iTunes ebook format! It’s compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And even better: Now through December 31, both the ebook and the print book (with CDs) are 30 percent off. That’s $69.99 instead of the usual $99.95. Go to…/accents-and-dialects-for-stage-…/ for details and to take advantage of the holiday sale on the print book. Or go directly to…/accents-dialects-f…/id1181641700… for the ebook (or simply search the iTunes store for the book title). Happy holidays!