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A “Window” into Shakespeare

Following the successful launch of the iTunes ebook (Apple Book) version of Paul’s Voicing Shakespeare earlier this year, we’re pleased to announce an updated edition of the original Windows version. To purchase the ebook, go here. (Mac users will need to purchase the iTunes version.)

The ebook, which sells for $29.99, features embedded audio and video. You will enjoy seven major sections, all divided into short and easy-to-read chapters, unlocking all the secrets you need to perform Shakespeare’s great work with confidence, clarity, and power. The ebook thoroughly explores verse; prose; voice, speech, and dialect; physical performance; musical dynamics; and Shakespeare’s rhetoric. In addition to readings by Paul, the ebook includes performances from 17 well-respected actors and theatre professors: 76 performances in all.

A big thanks to Curt Ford for the ebook’s development.