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Textbook season is here

If you are teaching a dialect course during this coming semester, Paul’s Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen, Deluxe Streaming Edition, is your perfect textbook!

Less expensive than the older CD version and containing three additional dialects (a total of 27), the Deluxe Streaming Edition has been the top textbook for the last two years. (It’s still a printed book, just with the sound delivered via streaming audio.) Preview it quickly here, or more fully in a new 13-minute video. It’s also available as an iTunes ebook (Apple Book).

Want a free instructor’s copy? Get one with your order of five or more copies, plus a 15% academic discount! For details, see Information for Instructors.

Of course, you and your students might prefer to purchase it on Amazon, where discounts are also available and postage might be cheaper.

E-mail Paul with questions or to place your order, and a big thank-you to those who have ordered in the past.