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Say my name, say my name

Praveen Shanbhag

Getting people to say your name — and pronounce it correctly — can often be a challenge. Enter Namecoach, the company founded by Praveen Shanbhag that allows people to record their name and embed the resulting sound file into their e-mail signatures and social-media accounts.

In this month’s In a Manner of Speaking podcast, Paul Meier talks to Praveen about Namecoach and pronunciation in general. Listen to the podcast episode here, or on your favorite podcast channel or index.

Episode 65 (“Namecoach”)

Praveen Shanbhag

After asking the Shakespearean question “What’s in a name?” on the May 2023 In a Manner of Speaking podcast, Paul takes that topic a step further for the June episode by interviewing Praveen Shanbhag, the founder and CEO of Namecoach.

Namecoach allows you to create a “namebadge” that you can add to your e-mail signature or social-media account, or wherever you want. The badge contains a sound file of you pronouncing your own name. Paul and Praveen discuss Namecoach and other topics related to name pronunciation.

After hearing his sister’s name mispronounced at her college graduation, Praveen says he was compelled to create the initial Namecoach product while finishing his Ph.D. at Stanford. Prior to building Namecoach, he pursued studies in biochemistry, physics, history, and philosophy, and holds degrees from Harvard (B.A.), Columbia (M.A.), Cambridge (MPhil), and Stanford (Ph.D).

For more information, visit To record your own “namebadge,” go here.

For Namecoach’s social media, visit Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.

And watch Praveen’s appearance on Alan Headbloom’s Feel Like You Belong:

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