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Summer sale on plays and musicals

For the first time ever, Paul is offering a summer sale on his popular dialect/accent recordings for plays and musicals. Normally priced at $349 for an entire play/musical, the recordings have been reduced by $100. So that’s just $249 for the dialect/accent design for an entire production, delivered via streaming sound files. The sale runs through July 31 and includes complimentary copies of the appropriate accent/dialect ebook. Go here for more information and to see if your play or musical is among the many that Paul offers.

If your show is not among the many that Paul offers a complete package for, you can still take advantage of the sale. If Paul offers only some of the characters in your play or musical, E-mail Paul and he’ll be happy to discuss a special offer.

And, as always, if you don’t see your production listed, Paul is happy to talk to you about preparing new recordings just for you!