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For our customers in Europe

If you’re in Europe (and especially England), we have good news for you. As you probably know, many non-European businesses were booted off earlier this year by mistake because of new European tax legislation. But the issues have been resolved, and we are now again able to sell on! Ordering through that site is by far the cheapest option if you want to purchase the four print/CD products that we sell there: Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen, Dialects of the British Isles and Ireland, The Standard British English Dialect, and The General American Dialect. Though you can purchase those items from this site directly and also through, buying them on will save you lots of money and time in shipping. Thanks again for your patience while we resolved this issue.

Please keep in mind that these products are also available as both Windows/Mac ebooks and iTunes ebooks. And, of course, if you order them in that format, you get them immediately and without having to pay shipping. For all the products we offer, see our main product page.