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Holiday sale now underway!

Our annual holiday sale of Paul’s Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen began during the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend and will continue through January 1. During that time, the print version (with CDs) of ADSS will be available at 25% off. That’s just $74.95 instead of the usual $99.95. Click here to order.

The iTunes ebook version is also 25% off! To purchase that, search iTunes’ ebooks/iBooks store for “Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen” or go here. The ebook compilation gives you the same material that’s found in the print book (with CDs), PLUS an extra dialect: Jamaican. The book is compatible with Apple mobile devices and your Mac computer, but not your Windows computer. If you need an accent or dialect ebook for use with your Windows computer, you will need to order an individual Windows ebook (one accent or dialect) from this page for $24.95.